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Buy Meladine | Makes Blonde, White & Grey Hair Suitable for Laser & IPL

Blonde, grey and white hair has little or no melanin to absorb the energy from the laser and so isn’t affected.

Meladine solves this problem - when sprayed on the desired area, Meladine deposits natural melanin directly into the hair follicle. The clever bit is that Meledine’s patented delivey system only deposits the melanin in the hair follicle, none is absorbed by the hair shaft or the skin.

Meladine is the ONLY product on the market that has proven to aid lasers in treating non-pigmented hair (white, gray, blonde etc) for laser hair removal.

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Q: Is Meladine a drug? Does it require a prescription?

A: No. Meladine is considered a topical cosmetic/preparation. Meladine’s™ ingredients are natural, non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin.

Q: Has Meladine been approved by the FDA?

A: Meladine has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA as an “Accessory to a Surgical Laser Instruments used for Hair Removal” to enhance the effects of lasers for the treatment of non-pigmented hair. Additionally, Meladine is registered with the FDA as a cosmetic.

Q: What is Meladine and how does it work?

A: Meladine is the only product in the world that has proven to enhance the effects of hair removal lasers on non-pigmented hair. Meladine simply deposits natural melanin into the hair follicle which aids the laser in targeting the hair follicle for removal.
How long has Meladine been on the market?
Meladine has been sold on the laser hair removal market since November of 2001 and continues to receive exciting results from doctors and laser hair removal centers across the U.S. and beyond.

Q: How is Meladine applied?

A: Please refer to the “Suggested Use” page for detailed directions.

Q: Must Meladine be applied before EACH laser treatment or just before the first laser treatment?

A: Meladine must be applied prior to each laser treatment because the melanin deposit in the hair follicle is only temporary. Meladine is only effective on the hairs that are in anagen (growth) stage as these are the only hairs that will be affected by the laser.

Q: How long must Meladine be applied before each laser treatment?

A: Please refer to the Suggested Use page for details. Vellus hair will require a minimum of 2 weeks of application prior to each laser treatment and coarse hair will require 6 weeks of application prior to each laser treatment.

Q: Why is the application regimen so different between vellus and coarse hair?

A: While soft, porous, vellus hair seems to easily absorb the melanin liposomes, thick, coarse hair absorbs the liposomes at a lower rate. The different regimens exist to compensate for the different texture, and different absorption rates, of the hair.

Q: Is 6 weeks of application really necessary to treat coarse hair?

A: Creative Technologies has found that patients with coarse hair have higher rates of success when they use Meladine for the suggested 6 week regimen. Keep in mind that “more applications is better” and patients should always aim to do as many applications as possible to increase the melanin deposit. (Remember: the darker the melanin target is, the easier it is for the laser to target, and disable, the hair follicle.) If it is impractical to begin application 6 weeks prior to laser treatment, the patient may begin 4 weeks prior to laser treatment but must increase daily applications to at least 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening.

Q: Can Meladine be applied up until the laser treatment or must the patient stop Meladine application a day or so before laser treatment?

A: Meladine may be used up until the day of laser treatment. However applying Meladine in the few minutes before treatment will have little benefit. As is the industry standard regarding laser treatment and topical applications (i.e. makeups, tanners, etc.) it is always a good idea to cleanse the skin before laser treatment to remove excess topical applications.

Q: How long does one bottle last?

A: One bottle contains approximately 720 sprays, which may be enough to cover several regimens (regimen = series of applications prior to one laser treatment) for a lip, but may only cover one regimen for a full face. The duration of one bottle will be determined by several factors:

1) Size of the area to be treated: Obviously smaller areas will require less product. A lip may require 1 spray to sufficiently cover the area per application, while a back may require 6-8 sprays per application.

2) Type of hair to be treated: Patients treating fine, vellus hair (2 weeks of use prior to laser treatment) will use less product than patients treating coarse hair (6 weeks of use prior to laser treatment) because the application regimen is shorter.

3) Patient preference: Some patients may apply Meladine more liberally per application.

Q: Can Meladine be used on red hair?

A: Yes. Meladine may be used to treat any type of hair that does not respond to laser treatment alone, including red hair, “strawberry” blonde hair, light brown vellus, etc. Remember that Meladine increases the pigment in any hair that it is applied to. For optimal results, assess the texture of the hair (coarse or vellus) and chose the application regimen based on the texture of the hair. For example, coarse red hair will require a 6 week regimen, etc.

Q: Does Meladine stain the skin?

A: No. Meladine is selectively deposited into the hair follicle and does not absorb into the surrounding epidermis.

Q: Will the hair change color?

A: No. The proprietary liposomes, which are actually submicroscopic spheres, are small enough to effectively penetrate the hair shaft and follicle to provide a target for a laser or IPL, but not large enough to discolor the hair. Keep in mind that topical hair should be removed (preferably by shaving) prior to Meladine application.

Q: If a patient stops using Meladine and never receives a laser treatment, will the hair follicle retain the melanin deposit?

A: No. If a patient were to never receive a laser treatment, the melanin deposit would naturally dissipate as the hair grows and falls out.

Q: Can the patient shave immediately before applying Meladine or must there be some hair above the skin?

A: Meladine is best absorbed into the hair when it has been shaved. If there is long topical hair in the area where Meladine is applied, the liposomes have less chance to reach the hair follicle.

Q: Is daily shaving absolutely necessary?

A: It is recommended that the area be shaved daily for optimal absorption. If the hair grows very slowly, daily shaving may not be necessary. If a patient is very hesitant to shave, an alternative is closely clipping the hair each day.

Q: Will shaving change the color and the texture of the hair?

A: No. It has been shown that shaving does not change the nature of the hair. Shaving removes the topical hair from the surface of the skin—it does not affect the follicle or the bodily functions that dictate the nature of the hair. Variables that contribute to the change in color and texture of hair include, hormones, excessive weight gain, age, etc.

Q: Can patients use a cotton ball to apply Meladine?

A: No. Patients must absolutely avoid applying Meladine with an applicator (i.e. cotton balls, makeup sponges, makeup brushes, Q-tips, etc). If an applicator is used, the liposomes will be absorbed by the applicator and will not be applied, or absorbed into the hair. If desired, fingertips may be used to spread or gently pat Meladine onto the area being treated.

Q: Can a hairdryer be used to help dry Meladine?

A: It is highly recommended that Meladine be allowed to air dry. However, a hair dryer set on a low, cool setting and held at arms length from the skin may be used to aid in drying on occasion. It is important that Meladine not evaporate too quickly so patients must take care when using a hairdryer. Keep in mind that a dryer used on a heat setting may melt the liposomes, in which case the melanin will not be absorbed.

Q: What if a patient forgets or misses an application? Must she start over?

A: It is important that the patient faithfully apply Meladine for optimal results. Keep in mind that the goal of using Meladine is to create a melanin deposit that is dark enough to be effectively targeted by the laser. If several applications are missed, the patient should consider adding more applications to the daily regimen or extending the Meladine treatment for several days in order to make up for the number of applications missed. If the patient does not apply a sufficient number of applications she may cheat herself out of an effective treatment.

Q: How long after the application of Meladine must the patient wait before showering, getting in a pool or sweating?

A: It is recommended to wait 1 hour after applying Meladine before showering, swimming or sweating heavily—however Meladine can be applied immediately after showering. Meladine is colorless and dries without any lingering odor.

Q: Can the patient use other creams or lotions in conjunction with Meladine?

A: Yes. For the most part, patients may continue to using normal moisturizing lotions/creams, cleansers and/or make-up while applying Meladine. However, it is recommended that Meladine be applied to clean skin and that, after applying Meladine, the patient wait 1 hour to apply other topicals. (See next question for products that should be avoided during Meladine treatment).

Q: Are there any products that contraindicate Meladine?

A: The only topical applications that may contraindicate Meladine are products that contain bleaching agents designed to lighten hair or skin. Since the effect of topical lighteners on the melanin deposit has not been scientifically verified, Creative Technologies cannot guarantee that hair or skin-lightening products will not affect the melanin deposit. Because of this we recommend that patients avoid lightening agents while using Meladine. Common skin-lightening ingredients include, but may not be limited to, hydroquinone and kojik acid. Remember, when applying Meladine in the morning and evening, it is important the skin be clean and free of substances that may inhibit absorption.

Q: Does Meladine work the same for everyone?

A: Although hundreds of laser hair removal centers are reporting exciting results, there is no guarantee that Meladine will obtain the same results for everyone. Results may vary depending on the patient’s adherence to the application and treatment regimen. Other variables may include laser treatment, density and coarseness of hair, hormonal changes, etc.

Q: Can pregnant/nursing women use Meladine?

A: Meladine is considered a topical cosmetic, similar to moisturizing lotions or makeup. Although Meladine’s™ ingredients do not penetrate into the bloodstream, Creative Technologies recommends that any pregnant or nursing patient should consult her physician before use.





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